Dec. 3, 2020

Self Style, for over twenty years in the heart of the ceramic district, interprets in an original way the use of small format ceramic tiles for different places.

The brand was born from the will to create ideas, places and style to give everyone the opportunity to reflect their inner personality in their own home and places where they live.

The Self style wants to be reinterpreted and remodeled by anyone in their own way (Your Style, Self made), stimulating the customer to participate at the realization of his own project, recognizing himself in a personal style.

The first step towards a style made of elegance and far removed from the competition had been already taken in 2019 with the acquisition of the brand Arezia, mosaics made by expert artisans who carefully carry on the precious and refined Made In Italy.

Today the identity of Self is strengthened by entering into a collaboration with KERADOM, a reality that carries on its own ideology in the research and realization of small and avanguardist format, that may deviate from the traditional use of Gres porcelain and adapt to infinitive and less conventional uses, becoming real furnishing elements.